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New Whitby Chamber magazine

AscentureThere’s a new media player coming to Whitby! The Whitby Chamber of Commerce is launching Ascenture magazine, a quarterly publication aimed at Whitby’s business community. Ascenture’s content will address the issues faced by Durham Region businesses with topics like marketing, finance, technology and talent. The coolest part? Articles are written by the member professionals at the Chamber, making this an excellent way to tap into local business expertise. The first issue is scheduled to appear on October 15, so watch for it. For more information, check out the Chamber’s media kit. It includes contact information if you’d like to purchase ad space or, if you’re a Chamber member, look into submitting an article of your own.

Posted by: WPL | 2014/08/13

ImageDurham Region’s Economic Development department has launched a new website! is intended to one-stop shopping for businesses looking to invest, relocate or set up shop in Durham Region. It outlines why companies should locate in Durham Region, key business sectors, a property search tool, links to resources to help launch a business and publications. We’ve added this site to our list of links – check it out!

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Business Math

Book cover for Mind for Numbers.We’re always trying to stay on top of what’s hot in the book world, and a great place to do that is Amazon. Their bestsellers lists are updated all of the time and they provide a different take on bestselling books than the NY Times, Globe and Mail or Maclean’s lists. Plus, they have subject specific lists, including one for business. One title caught my eye recently. It’s a new book that we didn’t have, but it looked like it would be a good addition to the collection. So we ordered it.

Barbara Oakley’s A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even if you Flunked Algebra) “offers the tools you need to get a better grasp of that intimidating but inescapable field” of math. She suggests taking a different approach to math problems using the creative part of the brain. Many of us have difficulty with math and given its importance in the business world (and in many other fields), books like this may offer some help. Here’s hoping. Mind for Numbers was released August 5 and should arrive soon.

In the meantime, we have lots of other math books, including some related specifically to business math and math for investors. Check them out!

Posted by: WPL | 2014/07/29

At Last! New Data for PCensus!

Screenshot of PCensus.As noted last year, the detailed Census data that we provided in PCensus was not available for 2011. This is due to the changes made in administering the Census and collecting data, specifically the switch from the old long-form census to the National Household Survey. It has been almost a year, but we’re pleased to report that we finally have a solution. We’re adding new data for several useful categories, including that perennial business favourite, income. Other categories include labour force by occupational categories, households & dwellings, education, citizenship, visible minority population and mobility status. And of course, we still have basic demographics (age/gender) and spending info for any area you choose in Ontario, right down to the neighbourhood level. We can look at everything within a 5 minute drive of your location, the entire province or anything in between.

Want to get a look at your customers? Just drop us a line and set up an appointment. You’ll walk away with a full demographic and spending report that will help you get to know the customers in your area better.

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More Reasons to Save the Date!

Business Summit

A few weeks ago, we suggested you save October 29 for something special. And now we can tell you what that something special is! The Durham Region Business Summit, one impactful day to learn, lead and succeed, brings awesome speakers (including Frank O’Dea, who overcame incredible challenges to cofound Second Cup), enlightening and educational sessions, and a great trade show to the Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility. There will be more information about this terrific event in the weeks to come, but you might want to consider getting your tickets now. An event this awesome is going to sell out fast!

This business extravaganza is presented by the good folks at the Whitby Chamber of Commerce.

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Business for Dummies

Business DummiesThey’re one of the most familiar book brands around. They’re easy to spot, wherever they are. Dozens (hundreds?) of new and updated titles are released every year. And we have them at the library.

Of course, we speak of the famed “Dummies” series of books. These yellow and black softcovers explain how to do all sorts of different things – use softwareunderstand a sport, figure out math and, start or run a business. We have a bunch of business books for dummies, from writing business plans to marketing to accounting. They present sometimes difficult concepts in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. And comics! There are always one-panel comics to lighten the mood.

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This Fall – Save The Date!

Question markHere’s a little teaser. Set aside the 29th of October. The Whitby Chamber of Commerce has a wicked business event planned with a killer headline speaker, informative breakout sessions and a beautiful location. That’s about all we can share at this point, but keep that date open…and watch for more details in this space!


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Don’t Stop Networking

NetworkingLast month, we hosted a lively and active business networking seminar with the good folks from Business Advisory Centre Durham. While there, we mentioned several books in our collection that can help. We’ve put together a list of great networking books – check it out, then check them out!

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Spam, spam, spam


Picture of many cans of spam.

Ed. note – apologies for the short notice. I wrote this post on the 13th and I’m positive I hit ‘publish.’ Either I didn’t or WordPress has some gremlins. I didn’t realize that it hadn’t posted until today and the event is tomorrow. 

Ed. note again – it’s posted with a date of the 13th, but didn’t appear when I was looking at the site earlier. So I don’t know how long it was there.

With email came spam. Everyone gets it and no one really likes it. And the federal government is introducing legislation to deal with it. If you send out emails to a subscription list, your business may be affected. The Whitby Chamber of Commerce wants to help you comply with the new legislation and to help you do that, they’re holding a seminar here at the Central Library on May 29 from 8:30 to 10:30 AM. You’ll hear some practical tips on working with these new requirements, while still marketing effectively. It’s free for Chamber members – just register online and join us on the 29th!

The Whitby Public Library is pleased to host this important event. While you’re here, check out our business collection and resources!

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Business-y Happenings Around Town

Lots of stuff going on around Durham with our partners in the business community. Here are a couple of things to look into:

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